Now that it's starting to cool off and we've started to think about how much fun shoveling is, let's take a look at a record-breaking hot day in southern Colorado.

There's no question that we saw some hot days here in Northern Colorado over the summer, but you would have had to be about four hours to the south of us to have really soaked up the heat.

The old record of 114 degrees for 'all-time recorded high for Colorado' was set in 1933 in Las Animas. It took 86 years for that to get broken, but it happened in nearly the same spot.

According to CPR, CSU researchers determined that the new official record of 115 degrees was recorded in July, just outside of John Martin Reservoir State Park.

1933's record was recorded just a few miles east of the park's reservoir.

Get more on the record from CPR Here.

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