This bank teller didn't really make 'early retirement' kind of money, but she did get 'stolen vacation' money. Luckily, the teller has confessed to stealing from customers' accounts and will be in court in March.

I bank at US Bank, so it caught my attention when CBS4 Denver reported that 34-year-old Brianne Gypin was arrested on several charges stemming from her 'working' at a branch in Boulder.

I'm sure she did do some legitimate bank teller duties while employed at US Bank, but she also found time to do some thievery.

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Gypin's scam ran over the course of six months, where she used customers' account information to make debit cards and forged checks. When she was eventually caught, she'd pulled about $27,000 from US Bank customers.

According to CBS 4 Denver, Gypin admitted to using the $27,000 to pay her rent (which you could sympathize with), but also to buy more frivolous items, including a trip to Disneyland.

Disneyland. I can't imagine have a ton of fun at Disneyland because of A: the pandemic, and B: using stolen money.

Now, the charges against Gypin include 'at-risk' charges, which means she stole from elderly people or people with disabilities; which just adds to the 'meanness' of her crime.

I've been using US Bank ever since I was a young man in the '80s and opened my first account at what, at the time, was American Bank. Located at 29th Street and Garfield (near the Post Office), it would upset me to find that my account had been hacked and pilfered from in an 'inside job.'

Get more on the Boulder USBank and Brianne from CBS 4 Denver HERE.

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