Even rabid bats love a parade. This one showed up to the July 4 parade route in Greeley early. Officials are looking for anyone who may have come in contact.

Denver 7 is reporting that a bat that was found crawling in the grass along the route of the 4th of July Greeley Stampede parade has indeed tested positive for rabies. The bat was found around 7:30 a.m. near 10th Avenue and 13th Street.

Health officials are encouraging any person or pet that may have come in contact with the bat to call the Weld County Health Deapartment - 970-304-6415.

They note that though ALL bats do not carry rabies, those that are out in daylight, acting strange, acting agressively or lying on the ground, are probably sick with rabies.

Get more on the bat and stats on incidents from Denver 7 HERE.

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