The official Disney twitter account rolled out a short preview of their new Disney+ streaming service that will be launching November 12th.  For $6.99 a month you will get access to all that Disney has to offer, which is just about everything. Over the past couple years Disney has purchased either the rights or the entire company of someof the biggest names including Marvel and Star Wars. So if you want to watch Spider-Man movies, or Luke Skywalker plus all of your Disney and Pixar favorites, get ready to add another streaming service to your Firestick or Smart TV.

With all that the service has to offer I think $6.99 is a fair price.  Not to mention, the shows and movies they will have on their service yo won't be able to find anywhere else, since they own the rights to all of it.  Also, don't expect just Disney movies and Tv shows you've seen before.  They are planning on a ton of original content, including shows based on characters from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Star Wars Galaxy.  Im looking forward to The Mandalorian series.

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