On the bright side, for once that interchange was a mess during spring/summer as opposed to fall and winter. Are you ready for a brand new I-25/402?

After 120 days of 'reconstructive surgery,' as I call it, the Colorado Department of Transportation announced via a press release that the new interchange will open in the late afternoon of October 18. Most of it, anyway.

On that day, those going southbound will be using the new fancy roundabout that they've installed on the west side of the interstate. On October 22, they'll have the northbound stuff ready to go.

The new configuration includes a pedestrian walkway and bike lanes, too.

It's going to be weird, for me at least, not having I-25 go over Highway 402; it had been that way since I was a kid. That's a long time. It'll be weird, but much, much better.

Of course, this whole project has been a part of the bigger project, the I-25 North Express Lanes: Berthoud to Fort Collins project.

Let's drive!


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