This is just bizarre. My iPhone is ringing about every half hour. It did it all night obviously disrupting my sleep. It rings twice then stops and doesn't show any 'recent' calls.

Any one had this happen ? What was really bizarre is that one time when it rang it was Drew Bankston, our video grapher from Star Painter Productions.

He said I called him at 2:31 am. NOPE ! Phone was on the other side of the room. My phone rang twice, he said his phone rang. What's up in the world of Apple?

Since, I've been at the station, I've received these calls about every 25-30 minutes, two rings, then nothing no history either under recent !!!

I did what any self respecting geek would do. Re-booted !

Didn't work, it's still calling me every half hour or so, two rings, no one on the other end. It's my regular ring tone and it didn't do it all day yesterday, only when I'm attempting to slumber.

Has anyone ever run into this ? This is a BRAND news iPhone 3GS after my other stopped working. I'm getting desperate. My friend Beano witnessed it, so it's not my imagination.

We suspect it's some sort of notification, but can't narrow it down. Now I had a TON of recent calls and voice mails, so deleted them all. I'll keep you up to date,

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