I'm always am curious as to how much students are paying for their education as the years go by. Tuitions go up; but then, so does attendance at Colorado State University.

They recently announced the tuition hikes that will go into effect for the 2018-2019 session. On the bright side, they are not rising as much as other schools similar to CSU.

A co-worker attended and graduated from CSU- Todd Harding. I wonder how much his tuition was when he was there? I'll have to ask. He graduated in 1993. I'll bet he paid a LOT less than what students (and their parents) will be paying starting next year.

The Coloradoan has the full story on the tuition rate hikes, but we can hit the highlights:

In-state undergrads will see a $275 bump to about $9,400 per 12 credit hour semester.

Out-of-state undergrads’ bump will be $667, making their tuition about $27,000. Wow.

Grad students’ in-state tuition will be going up about $300 to roughly $10,200.

Out-of-state graduate students will see a tuition of $25,000, up $729.

All the hikes are only 2.5-3%, but it does seem like a lot. That’s not even counting the veterinarian School- tuition for that is PRICEY! Those in-state students will be paying just over $33,000 and out-of-state students over $56,000, per semester.

Luckily, for students and parents, CSU received over $3M to help cap tuition rates.

Get more on the increases from The Coloradoan.

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