I've done it; you've done it. You drive west down Highway 34 - maybe headed to Estes Park - and gaze out the window as you pass Lake Loveland, looking at the houses along the lake. Some have docks with boats neatly tied up waiting for a weekend of fun.

There's trampolines anchored to the bottom. Adirondack chairs around fire pits. Horseshoes. Colorful umbrellas. Living there seems like it would be from a scene of a summer vacation movie during our warmer months.

Spoiler alert: It totally is.

But the question remains whether or not you could actually afford it! It's not cheap to live on any lake in Northern Colorado, but especially not cheap to live right on Lake Loveland. Sure there's some affordable fixer uppers a street or two away from the lake, but to score one of the exclusive homes right on the water, it's going to take some waiting and it's going to take some cash.

According to Zillow, there have only been 12 houses sold on Lake Loveland going back to January, 2021. The final sales prices range from $1.09 million up to $2.58 million. The average price of those twelve sold in just over the last two years is a whopping $1.56 million.

So stay vigilant, friends. Watch for listings like a hawk. Save your pennies. And until your day comes, check out these sweet backyard views that await you.

The Sweetest Backyard Views of Lake Loveland, Colorado

It must feel like summer camp all the time on Lake Loveland. Here's some of the warmer weather views to make that case.

$1.8 Million Loveland Home has an Indoor Pool and Private Salon

This Loveland home has pretty much everything you could ever want. An indoor pool, a massive garage, and a private salon.

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