I haven’t had in well over a year. Isn’t that amazing? No sniffles, sneezes, coughs, body aches, fever, chills. No cold, or flu for that matter. Now here’s the question. Be honest. As you read this, are you thinking to yourself,
“Well, that does it; Pete will definitely get a cold now just for talking about it."

My wife rinses her sinuses every morning with a power washer and pulls echinacea plants from the ground, eating the roots right there in front of me, dirt and all. She’s had several colds this year. I drink Bud Light, and eat pizza rolls and Slim Jims. I have had no colds. (To be fair though, she is the one who has not had colon cancer.) None of this is really the point though.

How many times has it happened? No more do you get the words, “I haven’t had a cold all winter,” out of your mouth; and you get a cold. Did I forget to knock on wood? “I haven’t been sick in months.” *Poof* Sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing.

Here’s my theory: The mere fact that you are even thinking about a cold just might mean that your mind has noticed something going on in your body. You might not have noticed yet, but your mind has, and put the ‘cold thought’ into your consciousness. I mean why else would you be going on about the fact that you haven’t had a cold all winter? It’s not like you walk around thinking, “I haven’t had a cold. I haven’t had a cold. I haven’t had a cold.” So why are you dwelling on it this morning?

So the next time you find yourself thinking about the fact that you haven’t had a cold all winter, go make a big batch of chicken soup, start taking your Wellness Formula (my wife can get you some), and drink plenty of fluids.

Bud Light’s a fluid, right?