What's brotherly love without the occasional prank. Hook, line and sinker, my brother got me good on Christmas Day, payback will be fun!

I had told my brother earlier this year that all I wanted was a new pair of Converse All Stars. Easy. Boom. When I got to his place on Christmas, he had a gift wrapped for me- that did not look like a shoebox. Great.

I figured he went rogue and got me something different. OK, that's cool.  Let's see what we have here..... my brother was saying...'It's one of those 'Seen on TV' things..'

I swear to you, I honestly thought he'd gotten me a 'thing' you'd put in in your toilet bowl that would wash your butt-- with a roller brush!  I looked, and looked at the outside of that box and just thought, 'What have you done, brother??'  The box said I'd be saving hundreds of dollars on toilet paper every year.  What the WHAT?????

Low and behold, with great relief, I found that the box was a fake that he'd gotten online, to put my shoes in. He got me. He got me, GOOD.  He was hysterical with laughter.

Siblings. Am I right?

So now, I need to get him back. When? Who knows? It's going to be epic, though!

Gag gift
Dave Jensen, TSM

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