We've all gotten that spur-of-the-moment urge to jump in the car and take a road trip to pretty much anywhere. I remember when I was a kid, my family hopped into the van and we ended up in Glenwood Springs only to have lunch and head back.

Once upon a time when living in Eugene, Oregon, my fiance at the time and I decided to hop in the car with our dog and take a trip to San Fransisco. We had In-N-Out, went over the Golden Gate Bridge, drove through downtown, and went home.

I often miss those days of a random road trip. If you are having the urge for one, here is how far a few random cities are from Fort Collins.


A quick 63.3 mile trip down Interstate 25 will get you to the Mile High City.


Head east on Highway 14 to sterling, hop on eastbound Interstate 76 until it turns into Interstate 80, and head east to Chicago for a deep-dish pizza or Chicago dog. You'll be driving for a total of 982 miles.

Salt Lake City

If your compass wants you to head west, Salt Lake City it is. Taking 287 to Laramie, proceeding west on Interstate 80 will get you right to Salt Lake City, Utah in a total of 454 miles.

Las Vegas

If you are looking to gamble, there is no better place than Las Vegas, Nevada. Interstate 70 west to Interstate 15 south will put you right on the strip in 809 miles.

Kansas City

Kansas City has some of the best BBQ on the planet. Interstate 70 east and 653 miles later, you can try it for yourself.


If Texas BBQ is more your thing, head south on Interstate 25 to Highway 287 for a total of 856 miles.


Looking for amazing desert sunsets? Phoenix, Arizona is your destination. Interstate 70 west to Highway 191 to Highway 160, then Highway 89 to Interstate 17 will put you in Phoenix in 882 miles.

Santa Fe

The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico is just a few-hour trip totaling 455 miles straight down Interstate 25


If you are heading to Chigaco, you might as well stop in Omaha, Nebraska for a bit. Omaha is pretty much the halfway point between Fort Collins and Chicago at 519 miles.

San Fransisco

If you want to do it big for a road trip, go west to San Fransisco, California. The city is amazing and the drive to get there will be just as memorable.  Head north to Interstate 80 and go west until it ends in San Francisco. The total mileage to get there will be 1,185.


Of course, there are plenty of other fun places you can take road trips to. I am hoping that I can make the trek to Kentucky sometime this year and do the Bourbon Trail.

Source: Google Maps 

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