Billy packed the house at Coors Field on August 8, 2019. The guy with a New York State of Mind saluted the Centennial State in a few ways that night.

Sure, you can say that Billy Joel has packed on a few pounds over the years, but you can't deny that he also packs in the hits when he does a show. His Coors Field stop was no exception.

The set started with one of my all-time favorites 'A Matter of Trust' and closed out with 'You May be Right.'  In between, he took the opportunity to tip his hat to Colorado.

The third song of the night was his cover of Joe Walsh's 'Rocky Mountain Way.' He sounded a lot like Joe. It was fun.

Then, with the 6th song, 'The Ballad of Billy the Kid' - the crowd got a kick out of how Billy the Kid robbed a bank in Colorado. The crowd got an even bigger kick when Billy went over all the inaccuracies in the song; like how in the song, the Rio Grand river goes north and south. Wrong.

The 10th song out of 26 for the night was 'New York State of Mind.' I know I wasn't the only one cheering when he got to the part '..I've been high in the Rockies, up among the Evergreens..' 

*BONUS: I thinik my biggest surprise was him singing 'Downeaster Alexa.' I would not have guessed he'd break that one out.

If you were there, you know it was all great. If you weren't, you can check out the full setlist HERE.


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