There's just something special about seeing a kid's face light up when they are in a toy store! Get ready for the smiles- as Toys 'R' Us could be back!

33,000 people were laid off and millions of kids' faces frowned when Toys 'R' Us closed all off its 700 U.S.locations (including Fort Collins) last year. News out today (February 11, 2019) has it that those frowns just may turn upside down!

Keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for a company called Tru Kids Brands. They are the new owners of Toys 'R' Us and are looking to relaunch Toys 'R' Us again in the U.S. (there are still some existing stores in Asia and Europe and India.

You'd have to think that with a fresh start, they can be as big as they ever were here, in America, where they started. And, with ANY luck- they'll come on back to Fort Collins, Greeley or the Loveland area - along with their great Giraffe, Geoffery!

Good Luck, Gang!

Get the full story from CNN HERE!

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