I like my dark beers and I like my whiskies. When it comes to whiskey, I usually go on the rocks, but as of late, I find myself leaning more and more towards a drink called an Old Fashioned. Some might say "That's a grandpa drink" but you know what I say to that? You grandpa has some good taste when it comes to a mixed drink! While in Chicago, I had some amazing Old Fashioned drinks and they all came from our hotel bar. there is something about adding the orange peel with the oils, the simple syrup and the bitters to whiskey topped off with a good cherry that makes me smile.

Matt Sparx

So if you are looking for a good Old Fashioned in Fort Collins, this is where Yelp users suggest you head to:

Ace Gillett's - 239 S College Ave

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What to get: Many reviewers say you should try the New Old Fashioned or their Apple Whiskey Old Fashioned


The Whiskey - 214 S College

Matt Sparx

What to get: the Old Fashioned

With a name like The Whiskey, you know you are going to get good whiskey drinks. People are rave about how tasty their Old Fashioned is.


Social - 1 Old Town Square


What to get: Raffi's Old Fashioned

Pour Brothers Community Tavern - 220 Linden St

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What to get: Papa's Old Fashioned

Rare Italian - 101 S College Ave

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What to get: Rye Old Fashioned


No matter where you go, give one a try. You might say you don't like whiskey, but a good Old Fashioned will probably change that! That is exactly what happened with my wife!