As the heat of the summer months winds down, the heat from one of the most popular chile peppers in the world starts heating up local markets. Coloradans know the famous Hatch green chile from farmer's markets and grocery stores to local chile roasting stands.

Roasted green chiles from either Hatch or Pueblo are a constant staple in my home. On average, we purchase around 80 pounds of roasted green chiles every fall. We portion the chiles by the dozen, place them in freezer bags, and wrap them in foil before placing them in the freezer to use all year long.

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A recent trip to the Loveland Sprouts left me with my jaw on the floor with how many different products there are featuring Hatch chile flavors. From cheese, chicken, nuts, and chips there is something Hatch flavored to try from Sprouts. Here are all the things Hatch Chile flavored you can buy at Sprouts:

Hatch Chile at Sprouts

There were quite a few other options of Hatch chile flavored items that Sprouts offer, but they were out of stock. If you would like to see the full line of items that Sprouts have that are flavored with Hatch chile, you can check out their items HERE.

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