Kids shouldn't have to face disease. They should just get to be kids. However, there are many awful diseases out there that attack our sweet babies. One of those is called Kawasaki Disease, which is the #1 acquired heart disease in young children.

There is a great event called the Kickin Kawasaki 5K, formerly The Cooper 5K. This is a way to show your support to save a child's heart and KICK Kawasaki Disease by dressing up your shoes, socks and leggings, there will prizes for the most creative! All proceeds will be donated to Kawasaki Kids Foundation who’s mission is to cure Kawasaki Disease, increase awareness, and support families

September 17th at 9am be at The Ranch in Loveland with your dressed up legs for the Kickin' Kawasaki 5K. Adult registration is $30, kids are $15.

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