My original work, 'Stranded in a Snowstorm' is being published by Morgan James Publishing, and I am so excited...and I have a LOT to do. So, I need your help.

If you would tell me which of the below looks I should go for in my photo shoot for the cover, or inside cover of the book, I would love you for it!

The background, etc, will be totally different. I'm talking about the type of face. You know, smile, or no smile? Pensive? Burning? Elated? Congruous? What should I be going for?

Straight Up Happy


Cup Runneth Over AKA I'm So Thankful I'm Speechless


The 'Buy My Book. Now.' look. Nah, I don't think so.




The 'That Is So Awesome!'

My book will be a chapter book, and it came from the kids book apps we created to spread love and respect for the Earth. It always came from a place of gratitude and celebration, so I'm really thinking of going with a smile.

The 'I'm starting to know that I knew it all along'. This one is big with the kids.

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