These days over 50 million people are on dating sites, filling out profiles, uploading pictures and crossing their fingers. That's right 50 million! With the divorce rate hovering around 50% it's no wonder the dating site coffers are full. With that many people dating, why are there so few success stories?

One fundamental emotion keeps us from that Fairy Tale ending...FEAR. Typically it's the fear of being alone that sends our fingers typing onto the relationship keyboard, but once we've landed that date...all the insecurities start singing in our heads like a 50-piece band. "I'm too fat," "She'll notice my bald spot," "The last date was a disaster. I'm just not good at this," "I'm a loser."
What typically follows is the person sabotaging the relationship in one form or another. The instinct is to push the other away before they have the chance to do it to you. These fears stem from a low self-esteem. Can you change this irrational mind-set that is costing you so much happiness? Yes you can; it doesn't have to be that way! One of our newest and most unique local experts, has set up shop to address this issue and help you find happiness and finally answer the question of what men want. Troubleshooting Men offers great advice through over 30 online videos a month from local experts in the areas of make-up, skin care, fashion, hair, nails, exercise, nutrition, self-esteem, confidence and much more. Here is a glance at one of the relationships that they have helped with:

"Before I had the pleasure of finding Troubleshooting Men, I was having a lot of problems with a man I had been dating for 5 years.  He had extensive anger issues that was pushing away friends and co-workers.  I stayed with him thinking I could help him by giving him support, encouragement and praise, something he had been missing from his childhood.  I put up with being belittled and embarrassed in public as he made fun of me in front of wait staff and strangers.  My once-strong personality was being eaten away a little at a time.  After meeting Rebecca F. Pittman and going through her self-esteem workshop, I found my voice again and stood up to him.  I told him he needed professional therapy to get over the damage inflicted upon him when he was small.  When he took steps to get rid of the anger, I would consider talking to him again as I cared very much about his happiness.  It took two months of my silence before he realized I was serious.  He did get help and we are working on building trust and moving forward.  It sometimes takes someone like Rebecca to hand you the mirror and point out that the reflection you are seeing can be soooooo much more!"  Randi D.

Need some help troubleshooting the man in your life? Let our expert help you find happiness!