With summer now in full swing and highs reaching into triple digits, it occurred to a few of us here that we don't see those shades in windshields much anymore. Why?

In Northern Colorado, we live up around a mile above sea level. Close to the sun. You feel the heat after work when you get back into your car. Yow!

It seems that those shades you can put up in your windshield to block the sun while you shop, or work or hit the park-- they're not seen as much anymore. We started wondering why. They do block the sun, keeping that heat out, and they do keep the sun from damaging the interior of your car. So, why not have one and use one?

Here are a few thoughts:

Not Worth the Money

A nice-looking shade can run you about $40. A cheap one can go for about $10, but it seems like too much to spend on such an item.

Don't See the Need

The A/C kicks in and gets the car cool again, and folks aren't worried about their dash fading like they used to be.

They're Something Your Grandpa Would Use

Grandpa's 1978 Impala doesn't have A/C and he LOVES the crushed velvet on the dashboard. He bought his last shade in 1993 and still uses it today- the one with the Eagle on it.

They Don't Have Appeal

Eagles, a cat wearing sunglasses, a tropical locale, reflecting foil There aren't a whole lot of great designs out there, that's for sure.

Tell us why you don't have/use a car shade?

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