I've lived in Fort Collins for around six years now. I also love to eat, so I've tried many of the restaurants, cafés, and bars that the Choice City has to offer.

Still, I haven't been to all of them. Fort Collins has no shortage of restaurants, and with new ones opening up all the time, there's always something new to try or revisit.

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What I'm getting at is, that even if you were born here, it never hurts to take a second look at the restaurant scene. You might discover your next favorite place.

That's what happened to me during a recent scroll through my Nextdoor app. I came across a thread from a woman asking for local restaurants to take her out-of-town family to — and the Northern Colorado community did not disappoint.

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Hundreds of people recommended their go-to places to eat, from fancy restaurants to breakfast spots. I found places I'd never been to or hadn't visited in years, so I thought I'd share their suggestions with you.

Perhaps, like the woman in the Nextdoor thread, you have family coming to town and need ideas about where to take them. Maybe you're looking new date spot or friends-night-out hub.

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Regardless, I think this list will help you. Check out 26 Fort Collins-area restaurants that Northern Colorado residents say will impress guests (or yourself) in the gallery below.

Have Family in Town? Impress Them at These 26 Fort Collins Restaurants

Whether you have in-laws in town or just need a new date-night idea, these 26 Fort Collins-area restaurants are sure to impress. Read on to see the eateries that Northern Colorado residents recommend.

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