Halloween weekend was the lastest high-visibility DUI enforcement with the 'Heat is On' campaign. Over 350 arrests were made, with Loveland in the top 3.

According to a press release from the Colorado Department of Transportation, over the weekend of Oct 25-Nov 1, 2018, 349 persons were arrested on the charge of driving under the influence.

The law enforcement agency with the most arrests was Colorado Springs PD with 39. At #2 it was the Denver PD, with 23. Then, the agency at #3 for the most arrests over the Halloween weekend was the City of Loveland PD with 14 arrests.

The Springs, Denver, and... Loveland. Seems weird, right?

Overall, arrests were down across for the Halloween weekend - there were 375 last year. Also down, the number of DUI/Impaired driver arrests during the Fall Festivals time frame - Septe 14 - Oct 22. Last year across the state they had 1,863 - this year 1,801; which comes out to be 45 per day on average, during the time frame.

There are a LOT of choices out there for getting home safely, without incident. Thinking and drinking smart are the only way we'll get the number down to zero.

Get more on the data from the State Patrol HERE.

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