Along the southeast shoreline of Lake Loveland this Saturday, a group will be holding a rally in support of the second amendment. A peaceful rally that includes a food drive.

Will you be attending?

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A gun rights rally 'Rally for Our Rights' will be held in Loveland on Saturday (April 7, 2018) from 1-3 p.m. at the southeast side of Lake Loveland. A first amendment right to support the second amendment right.

There has been much talk lately regarding gun reform. Organizers of Saturday's rally want to present their point of view on the subject with a peaceful, bipartisan event.

They encourage bringing patriotic flags, banners in support of the second amendment along with enthusiasm. They'd like attendees to leave Trump flags, Confederate flags, and Anarchy flags at home; as well as any non-topic banners or banners attacking a particular political party.

While organizers remind that people don't have to own a gun to support the second amendment, If attendees want to bring firearms, they need to keep them secured and have a proper permit if concealing the firearm(s).

They will be collecting food for Loveland's House of Neighborly Service during the rally. Fighting hunger across Loveland and America is something that both sides of this particular argument can agree on.

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[Source: Reporter-Herald]

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