Growth in Northern Colorado is nothing new for those who've been here for a while. The word got out a long time ago how wonderful life is here and how less expensive it is compared to Denver and all parts south of Thornton. What is new for some towns in Northern Colorado is expanding their local governments to match the population growth. This was the topic of a recent Windsor Town Board meeting this week.

According to The Tribune, Windsor is seeking to add a stormwater coordinator, town risk manager and an operations and facilities manager. The need for these additional positions are due in part by the record-setting growth in Windsor.

According to The Tribune, a memo to the board from Town Manager Shane Hale explained that a stormwater coordinator will manage the flood plain and develop a flood management master plan, identify necessary improvements to the system and identify funding sources. A town risk manager, says Hale, will work across departments to ensure Windsor is following safety procedures. And, an operations and facilities manager will help the current recreation manager at the Windsor Community Recreation Center and help manage the staff and programs at the center.


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