I was curious as to whatever happened to that puppy? Did he find it? Low and behold, he never lost his puppy. He never even HAD a puppy. 

This one totally slipped by me. Sure, I'd heard about the good Samaritan who was trying to help a stranded motorist near Centennial Park over the holidays and got accosted at gunpoint, where his groceries and 10-week old puppy were stolen. 'People are so mean', I remember thinking.

But I was looking for an update on the story - Did the guy get his puppy back? And was taken aback. Aback, I say!

Turns out, according to the Greeley Tribune, he made the whole thing up! The Greeley Police investigated the man's story and found that not only did Mr. Hefty not get robbed, he never even HAD a puppy. The Greeley Trib reports that Mr. Hefty's photo of his puppy- was one he got of the internet. Off the internet! Come on!

Mr. Hefty (Neal Hefty) now faces a misdemeanor charge of 'false reporting.'

And here I am, still worried about the puppy. There is NO puppy, Dave!

Get more on Mr. Hefty's false claims from the Greeley Tribune HERE.

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