There is one candy that comes around this time of year that is nearly as polarizing as politics. People that dislike this candy proclaim their hatred of the tri-colored triangles from the rooftops and tell as many people as they possibly can about the horrible quality of the infamous candy corn.

Those that do like candy corn seem to be a bit more reserved when it comes to professing their love for the fall themed candies. It's strange how that works out.

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Greeley's 477 Distilling is all about the candy corn. In fact, 477 Distilling has made a limited edition Candy Corn Flavored Vodka that will be released on Friday, October 22.

This limited edition vodka from 477 Distilling, just like fall in Northern Colorado, will only be around for a short time. The special event release will kick off at 4 pm on Friday and specialty cocktails will be served in honor of the release of 477 Distilling's Candy Corn Flavored Vodka.

Candy Corn or vodka in general not your thing? I would highly encourage you to check out 477 Distilling either way. In my opinion, 477 Distilling has one of if not the best Old Fashioned that I have ever had in Northern Colorado named the Living Legend. Additionally, you can kick it up a notch with a barrel aged variation of 477 Distilling's Old Fashioned as it is absolutely delicious.

477 Distilling's Bourbon is always in my bourbon cabinet at home. 477's Bourbon is 90 proof and has won a silver medal in the 50 Best Spirits Competition.

If you would like to pick up your very own bottle of Candy Corn Falvored Vodka, you can do so on Friday, October 22 starting at 4 pm at 477 Distilling located at 825 9th Street Unit B in Greeley.

Source: 477 Distilling

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