Of all the places I visit and review, taco's will be the most common food that pops up. Taco's are my favorite. Taco's are the best. Taco's are the perfect food. Unlimited combinations and flavors. Wrap something in a shell and you've got yourself a taco.

Last week as I made my way to Silver Grill Cafe for a breakfast edition of Bottomless Pit, I passed Vatos Tacos. I knew I would be making my way back. I am so glad I did. Located in The Exchange, an awesome place built with shipping containers, located downtown.

A small interior and limited menu does not keep this place from being one of my new favorites. They have all the taco shop staples, Carne, Carne Asada, Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, and Veggie. Plus some burrito options as well.

After recommendations from the amazing staff, I ordered two chicken and two carne (pork). Made street taco style, small and packed with flavor. After devouring four of the two bite tacos ( I have a nig mouth), I knew I needed more. So after another recommendation, I went with the fish. There isn't one thing to complain about with the 6 tacos I had. Even my diet coke came in a cup made of recycled materials.

I love Vatos Tacos and The Exchange so much I actually looked at one of the empty units and debated on reopening the small restaurant I owned in Colorado Springs a couple years ago. As the Terminator said, "I will be back!"


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