This is a great idea. Holding people's packages for them to pick up after work? Classic. Will Fort Collins brewpubs 'pick up' on it?

The best ideas always seem to be the ones that are so simple.

How about... Instead of fretting about whether your packages are safe on your porch and then hustling your butt home to get them inside, why not  have them shipped to a place where you can stop, have a beer AND get your packages?

FOX31 has the story on how Frolic Brewing in Westminster has a big area where they are able to hold on to items that customers can have shipped to Frolic.

Santa boom.

I would LOVE to know that my packages are safe inside say, Maxline, for example. I'd get off of work, take my time getting over there, and then take my time having a great beer before heading home. Oh yeah, WITH my stuff.

Which local breweries/brewpubs are going to do this, too?

Get more on Frolic's genius generosity from FOX31 HERE.

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