Allow me to introduce you to Mutton Mowers, hired out of Berthoud to mitigate weeds in Superior, Colorado for the next six weeks.

The goats will mow, and by mow I mean eat, seven acres of land north of Castle Park and south of Mount Sopris Parkway, as reported by the Daily Camera.

“It is an innovative solution and one more tool in the toolbox for managing urban natural areas," said Mutton Mowers owner Emily McMurtrey.

The goats and their guard llama Vinny, who watches over the goats and deters predators, will open up bare soil and fertilize the ground, said McMurtrey.

“I gather observations from my goat sitters regarding the number of public that stop by, goat behavior during their shift, thoughts about the project and any other input they might have.”

If you're into this then its your lucky day because Mutton Mowers is a Northern Colorado based company and McMurtrey is looking for volunteers to “goat sit” an hour at a time.

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