I heard that there was a giant straw in Longmont, and had to go see for myself. Would it be a commentary on how we're doing away with plastic straws, or would there be a giant margarita nearby?

On an early Saturday morning recently, I was scrolling Twitter and found a curious tweet: 'What's the deal with giant straw north of Clover Basin and Airport?' A giant straw? I had to go check it out.

With all the talk these days on how restaurants are doing away with plastic straws, I thought it was going to be some sort of commentary on that. As I drove into Longmont, past the fairgrounds, I thought maybe it had something to do with the Boulder County Fair that was underway.  Clover Basin is further south of the fairgrounds, so that wasn't it. What could it be?

As I approached Clover Basin and Airport, I was looking up in the air, thinking that a giant straw would surely be visible above rooftops. Nothing.

Then, there it was. Indeed a giant straw. Not SUPER-giant, but giant none the less.

Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

Apparently, the city needed to vent some gas along Airport Road and came up with this tube, to help out. To make it look less 'weird', they seem to have decided to make it look like a straw!

Nicley done, Longmont!

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