I am as skeptical as they come. I'm also a hypocrite. While I don't believe that ghosts exist, I am fascinated by ghost stories and with "evidence" of their presence. Also, I would actually like to see a ghost. How can this be if I don't believe they exist? I'm steadfast in my non-belief, yet I've allowed enough wiggle room to change my mind, I guess.

I've been to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park plenty of times with the hope and expectation of seeing, hearing, or feeling their presence. I got nothing, which only solidified my non-belief.

Frank Ramirez was staying at a hotel in Texas where he claims a ghost was moving different items in his room. This prompted him to get off the bed and start recording. While this would have freaked most of us out, Frank seemed rather calm under the circumstances. Check it out....

Now that you've seen this once, you might want to do it again. This video has been seen by millions around the world. Thankfully, some of those with an opinion are my fellow skeptics. Among the critique's is the towel that moves before he talks, a pair of scissors on the fridge (to be used to cut things like....fishing line?), and how his left arm is seen moving in the mirror before the hanger moves.

Watch again. You decide.


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