While Bob was not really a 'stoner,' many stoners know of 'The Bob,' especially after it having won at a 'highly' touted competition. Fort Collins also gets cred for this one.

Sure, Bob Saget did star as a cocaine-head in the comedy 'Half-Baked,' but he wasn't known as a drug-user in real life. But those who enjoy marijuana do enjoy a good laugh, and so a strain was created, years back, to pay homage to the comedian.

In a review from AllBud.com about the 'Bob Saget' marijuana strain, also known simply as 'The Bob,' I found one of the ingredients even comes from Fort Collins:

From the site:

No, not Bob Marley. This complex sativa-heavy hybrid, which has a sativa/indica ratio of at least 70:30, was created in homage to the great comedic genius Bob Saget of "Full House" legend. It's a combination of Ft. Collins (aka FoCo), S.A.G.E. (itself a mix of Big Sur Holy and an Afghani), and finally Hanis (a purple Kunduz Afghani joined with Pre-'98 Bubba Kush and 1994 Positronics Haze).

In 2016, 'The Bob,' created by Natural Remedies, was entered into the Colorado Cannibas Cup, put on by High Times, where it took second place. First Place that year went to 'Ghost Train Haze' by Green Man Cannabis. I now officially know entirely too much about this competition.

The late comedian commented on Twitter once that he was interested in selling the weed at his shows and donating that money to charities that support rehab centers. That sounds like the Saget we all knew. Funny and nice.

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