Gender reveal parties are a big thing these days. This one looks like it was pretty small: Mom, Dad and the two daughters they have. Will they have a boy or another girl?

How many crazy ideas have you seen for gender reveal parties? How many videos have you seen where somebody even gets injured in the process? Hysterical!

On Tuesday night (January 8, 2018) DC Oakes Brewhouse in Ft. Collins helped out the Volks with a dessert that would let their two daughters know if they were getting a new baby brother or a new baby sister.

The tension mounts as the dessert tray is brought out to their table. Under the bowl is a cake with either blue frosting or pink frosting..... OOOOOOH!  We can't stand it!  What is it??

They go around, asking everyone which they think it will be....  Then, the bowl is removed to show a........

We couldn't put the video into this article-- you'll just have to visit the DC Oakes Facebook page HERE! 

Congratulations, GANG!

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