Part of the I-25 North Express Lanes: Johnstown to Fort Collins project is about making a whole-new interchange at I-25 and 402. It won't be easy nor quick.

When I was young, my mom and brother were in a wreck at Highway 402 and the I-25 frontage road. That was before there was a light there. It was crazy trying to get onto 402. That was a long time ago.

Though there have been improvements since then, there are definitely more and more cars using that interchange. Hence, it's time for a makeover.

CDOT announced that they had pushed back the start date of this project. It was going to start on May 20, 2019, but with the wet weather in May, they set a new date JUNE 10. Then, yet another day.

The new start date of JUNE 24 looks like it's going to stick.

This will include the FULL CLOSURE of I-25 at Highway 402.

When completed in October of 2019, the interchange will look almost completely different. Better safety, pedestrian and bicycle access, and being able to take on the growing populations of Loveland, Campion, and Johnstown.

In regards to DETOURS during the closure - from the Department of Transportation:

For northbound I-25 access from the west side of I-25 on CO 402, take southbound I-25 to Colorado Highway 60 (Exit 252), turn left and continue back onto northbound I-25.

For eastbound CO 402 access, continue on southbound I-25 to CO 60 (Exit 252), then take the ramp to northbound I-25 and exit CO 402 eastbound.


For southbound I-25 access from the east side of I-25 on CO 402, take northbound I-25 to US 34/Eisenhower Blvd (Exit 257), turn left and continue back onto southbound I-25.


For westbound CO 402 access, continue on northbound I-25 to US 34 /Eisenhower Blvd (Exit 257), then take the ramp to southbound I-25 and exit CO 402 westbound.

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