The 2021 event will be in-person with music, entertainment, and crowds of supporters cheering on runners in the annual 'sister-run' of the BOLDERBoulder.

It's time to start training (or not) for a much-needed run that's fun for everybody. The 2021 FORTitude 10K is set for Labor Day Monday, September 6. 2021. It'll be a great day of boundless energy, for the entire Fort Collins community.

The FORTItude 10K Labor Day Fest began in 2017 and has seen over 15,000 participate so far. It's rated among the fastest 10K's at or above 5,000 feet. I think I'm ready to get out my 'flair' shoes and give this one a go.

Many races/runs across the country and Northern Colorado have been 'virtual' because of the pandemic, with people running solo. Though it's still good exercise and still benefits their given causes, but everyone can agree that they haven't been as much fun.

What's New for the 2021 FORTitude?

  • This year, they'll be setting up the 26 waves where everyone in each particular wave, runs at the same pace. This will help spread runners out evenly.
  • The 2021 run will also see a new course, beginning near Laurel and Washington, will go out-and-back through great Fort Collins neighborhoods, to City Park/Lake Sheldon and the CSU campus, ending right outside Canvas Stadium on Meldrum.

The day will see fans, live bands, food, beverages, and an expo, just like the famous BOLDERBoulder.

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I've run the BOLDERBoulder a couple of times, it's a great time. I look forward to taking on FORTitude and hollering the battle cry, 'Go FORT, and Conquer!'

Get signed up HERE.

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