Seems like just yesterday that they were voted as one of the top five thrift stores in Colorado. Soon, There'll be something new in its place. 

They've had a great location, at Timberline and Horsetooth, but that hasn't translated into enough in sales, it seems to stay open. Thrift Rite has announced that they'll be closing their doors.

Folks may not know that some of the proceeds from the store have been going to Life for the Innocent, a non-profit helping children who've been rescued from human trafficking.

They're having a big sale, as their last day will be sometime in November.

From their Facebook post:

We are sad to announce to all of our supporters and customers that we will be permanently closing our doors this November. It has been an amazing journey and we have been able to serve the best customers. Please continue to come in and see our sales! We appreciate all the support and prayers.


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