OK, they're not really asking you. They will ticket you. If you're new to Fort Collins, you may be wondering what's up with all the trucks (sometimes sporty sedans and motorcycles) on College Avenue on Friday and Saturday night. I've had to explain it to a few people: They're 'College Cruisers,' they're often 'rolling coal' and Fort Collins Police Services is trying to stop them. Again.

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According to VICE, 'rolling coal,' if you're not familiar, is a 'redneck motorsport trend that involves tricking out diesel pickup trucks to emit giant plumes of black smoke.'

VICE said that usually, it's just done for fun. But in recent years it has become a way for young adults to aggravate cops and Prius drivers. My college roommate drove a Prius, and this is true, and according to CBS4, a growing issue in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Police Services told the news outlet that while, yea, it's mostly annoying, it's also dangerous because it clouds up intersections for moments at a time, making it hard for other drivers to see the roadway. CBS4 reported that 'Fort Collins Police Services has launched a multi-week operation to crack down on illegal activity among the group many in Fort Collins call 'the cruisers.''

You've probably noticed a group of cruisers at the vacant JC Penny, which is now under police video surveillance. CBS4 noted that most of the cruisers are law abiding and are just looking for a way to socialize, but there are some members in the group who have left property damaged and vandalized, and some of them are even racing while intoxicated, and that's who police are seeking out.

You can read more from CBS4 here, and see Dillon Thomas' video, below.

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