Maza Kabob has been open for 10 years near Drake and College. The well-loved Afghan cuisine restaurant has no estimated time of re-opening.

I was alerted to the closure of Maza Kabob by a friend that has been a big fan of the restaurant for years.

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Their Facebook page confirmed the news on Sunday, June 13, 2021:

I live in Loveland, so I haven't made it to Maza Kabob, which opened in 2011, prior to this closure. The menu looks very tasty. I can see why my friend and his family have enjoyed dining there.

Maza Kabob has been located in the building that resides near the former Kmart location. Kroeger is planning on building a new 'state-of-the-art' King Soopers in the old Kmart location, but it's still not clear when that project will begin, and where the building that Maza Kabob is in will have to come down, forcing the restaurant to move.

In the meantime, the restaurant has gotten many 'well wishers' on their Facebook page:

If we, as a community, can do anything to help… please let us know !! Seriously .. do you need food delivered? Do you need your kitchen cleaned made ready for his return ? ( I am a chef.. and I can clean and label and get things together !! ..).
I’ve had several Lovely conversations with Sayed, and he’s part of our community , and community of restaurants .. please allow us to help if you need it ! Improved health to you.

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