Todd and Shauna are a match made in heaven.

I first met them when Todd was a featured dancer in Fort Collins version of Dancing with the Stars put on by Canyon Concert Ballet. He and Kim (his dance partner) wore Adidas track suits and broke it down to Run D.M.C. We became friends. Then, me and their many other friends were able to watch them take one of Shauna's recipes for a tasty snack bar to a big business. Their ability to imagine something great that people will love and bring it to market seemed to come naturally to them.

Shauna is featured in the video above.

They first launched a company that made a healthier energy bar that Shauna literally cooked up in her kitchen because she wanted something purer, non-GMO, gluten-free, with better ingredients than she was finding in the marketplace.

Todd's love of motocross inspired them to name it after the sound that is made when you are going full throttle. BRAAAP!!

This is how they describe the bars on their website.

Braaap – The sound of acceleration. Influenced by riders, racers, and outdoor enthusiasts on the tracks and trails of Colorado. The revolutionary Braaap formula is balanced with clean, quality ingredients to energize with all natural foods. The Braaap Nutrition Bar is a superior soy and gluten-free protein bar that delivers energy-infused nutrients and protein to meet the demands of today’s toughest athletes and adventurers. Braaap Nutrition Bars – No matter the adventure accelerate your body and mind!

Yeah. They started this little project on top of Todd's real estate business, while raising daughters, and a new son. It wasn't long before Shauna's belief in eating influenced by the purity of the Paleolithic era that led them to another product, the Paleo Diet Bar.

This bar was instantly popular. You may have seen the car driving around town. It was named one of the best Paleo snacks of 2014 by Paleo Magazine online. This may be the item for which they are appearing on Shark Tank. I can't be sure, and they are not allowed to say much about it before the show that airs on May 1, 2015 on ABC.

So, do I think they'll get a deal from the Sharks on Shark tank? Well, put it this way. Sometimes, the Sharks seem to go into business more because they like the people than their product. I think the chances of that heppening here are very good. They are going to love Shauna and her indescribable energy, and Todd and his genuine sincerity.

We'll learn their numbers when the show airs, but if you've watched the show you know that it almost always has to be a viable product with a proven sales track record in big numbers for them to even consider taking a bite.

My prediction? Barbara always says, 'I know a winner when I see one.' I think she's going to take one look at the Sledge's and say, "I'm in."

Meanwhile, check out this episode that has a business the Shark's went for that has a franchise opening in Fort Collins!