Want a little piece of Colorado State University history? Former CSU president Tony Frank is giving away the Cubs flag that hung in his office window during his tenure.

Colorado State University's Instagram page posted this on their stories yesterday:

Courtesy of @coloradostateuniversity on Instagram
Courtesy of @coloradostateuniversity on Instagram

Looks like Tony's feeling a little nostalgic.

So, we got a brief rundown with those slides, but what, exactly is Frank looking for in an applicant? A following slide said,

"Any group of 4 or more students may apply to adopt the flag. The application process will be based on a single page application essay (normal margins, 12 point font, Calibri) stating why you would be a good home for the flag."

You can submit your essay to presofc@colostate.edu by May 31, 5:00 p.m.

To all the student Cubs fans out there: good luck.