Its cold and I love it, so long as everyone takes their time and stays safe out there.

This morning my breaks let me down at the most unexpected time while going only 10 mph and I saw several people pulled over. However, once I got on I-25 things were pretty smooth and traffic seemed to be moving only about 5 mph slower than usual.

Denver however got the brunt of the snow this morning. Roads are slick and traffic is reportedly moving very slowly heading into and out of the city.

Fort Collins Snow Plow Priority, according to the Coloradoan:

1. College Avenue, Prospect Road, Lemay Avenue and Harmony Road

- These roads provide access to medical facilities and emergency services which is why they are plowed first

2. Remington and Swallow Road 

3. School bus routes and residential neighborhoods

Plow Map and Instructions:

The city's real-time snow plow tracking map shows where the city's plows are operating.

- Black dots show where the plows are

- Trail of red dots show where they have been in the last 30 minutes

- When you zoom in you will see a trail of blue dots which shows where plows have been in the last four hours

- The map does not show where plows are going

Visit the National Weather Service for information on weather conditions and forecasts.

Accident alerts:

If you get in a minor accident officials want you to handle it yourself; exchange contact information, including names addresses, lines plant numbers and insurance details.

All involved in the accident must complete an accident report at Fort Collins Police Services within four days.

Fort Collins Police Services: 2221 S. Timberline Road, Fort Collins

What To Expect This Week: Snow and Sunshine

The high on Monday is 31 with a low of 14 and the snow is expected to stay at bay for the whole day. On Tuesday we are looking at a high of 18 with a low of 8 and snow for most of the day. Wednesday, which was suppose to be the coldest day, seems to be increasing in temperature with a high of 24, no snow and a low of 6 which is very different than the -2 projected over the weekend. Sunshine and clear skies are currently expected for the rest of the week.