Billy Joel is making his first appearance at Denver's ballpark. If you're going, like me, here are five things I'm betting we'll see there.

It's going to be an awesome RETRO show as Billy Joel is set to take the stage at Coors Field on August 8, 2019. I have seen The Piano Man more than a few times, though of course, not at Coors Field; I'm still going to wager that we'll see these five things:



  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    He's BOUND to get everyone singing the 7th inning stretch tune. How could he not?

  • Zac Brown

    OK, call me hopeful. The Zac Brown Band are on stage at Coors Field the next night, why not a cameo from Zac?

    Getty Images for Palms Casino Re
  • A Proposal

    How many times I have I seen it: Billy sings one of his classic love songs (Just the Way You Are, You're My Home, Uptown Girl..) and somebody pops the question.

  • Nolan Arenado

    He's playing at the home of the Rockies. I would expect a cameo from the 3rd baseman. Maybe Charlie Blackmon.

    John McCoy, Getty Images
  • 'This Song vs. That Song'

    Billy likes to do this 'audience participation' thing, where he pits one of his songs against another, having the audience applaud for which one gets played. I've seen songs I wanted played win, I've also ween the other end.  Still, it's fun.