It's not like it's going to be like the Boomerang or the Twister at Elitch's, but Estes Park folks are still wanting to put the brakes on the ride.

UPDATE- October 17, 2018

The Reporter-Herald reported that at the October 16, 2018, meeting of the Estes Valley Board of Adjustment, they approved (3-1) that the city handled the issue properly. RH reporter Craig Young noted that where at the October 2 meeting, 200 people showed up in protest of the coaster, whereas only about 40 were in attendance at this meeting.

According to the article, opponents of the coaster will have one last chance on October 30 with the Estes Valley Planning Commision. If it passes that vote- the wheels should start turning on the coaster.


It's about a man and his land, and his desire to provide a little something extra for folks who come out to enjoy his horse rides. A mountain coaster, about 2,000 feet long.

Larimer County Commissioners voted on Tuesday night (October 2, 2018) 2-1 in agreement with the Town of Windsor's Planning Commision ruling that the coaster would be a recreational facility, as opposed to a 'commercial recreation or outdoor entertainment establishment' which the land is not zoned for, as those who oppose the coaster had appealed.

With the latest ruling, there will be two more reviews of the project regarding the zoning and parking issues, before the next Planning Commision meeting on October 30, where the project may indeed, meet the end of its tracks.

Get all the details on the coaster, the man who owns the land, and why folks are against the project from The Coloradoan HERE.

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