The Silver Grill Cafe in Old Town is not just a favorite of Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, it's also a huge favorite of Esquire Magazine.

Imagine the tens of thousands of restaurants that Esquire magazine looked at to determine their recent '100 Restaurants America Can't Afford to Lose' article. It had to be a project of the heart.

The list features restaurants whose loss would mean the loss of a piece of ourselves as Americans. Listed in alphabetical order, it features the Choice City's legendary cafe in between Shiro's in Seattle and Slyman's Deli in Cleveland.

As native Coloradans, we're not surprised Silver Grill made the cut. But you may be surprised that the reviewer who put Silver Grill Cafe on the list said it wasn't the cinnamon rolls that they'd get a on plane for 'right now,' it's the potatoes.

From the Esquire article:

...[their potatoes] are crisp and fluffy at the same time, as if hash browns and home fries had finally gotten over their bickering and made a baby. —JG

The restaurant's been open since 1933; here's to seeing them open in 2033 and beyond.

Get more on Silver Grill and the other 99 restaurants from Esquire HERE.

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