Last year was a huge bummer.

Well, not the whole thing. Overall, actually, it was a pretty darn good year.

However, early summer brought a hail storm that demolished our garden. I'm loathe to assign 'good or evil' tags to nature. When I see a murder of crows attacking a beautiful red tailed hawk, it's easy to call the black-as-night group of crows that seem to be ganging up on the lone, pretty hawk the bad guys. But that's just nature. They are neither right or wrong. They just are.

This plant used to have leaves on it. From the June 2014 hail storm that hit Fort Collins.

That's how hail is. It's just a natural process. It's not necessarily evil. However, it was hard to see what it had done to my plants last year and not think 'bad hail.'

One thing is for sure—since I have such small plots that I plant, if hail does come and I'm at home, I'm going to cover my plants. The video shows how I'll do it, because yesterday's weather gave me a chance to give it a try.