It's a win-win for those who want to be a hero and want to have a beer!  Do you have twenty minutes?

Vitalant, the blood donation people that used to be named Bonfils, is at it once again to start the year; giving you a free beer when you donate blood!

According to Vitalant, an average of 5 million Americans each year need blood transfusions. Blood donations help burn victims, premature babies, cancer patients, heart surgery patients and more. That's not even counting when hospitals use them in emergencies.

In January of 2019, when you visit a Vitalant and donate a pint of blood, they'll give you a voucher that you can take to Old Chicago, Rock Bottom or Gordon Biersch to redeem for a free pint!

Vitalant does have a location in Boulder, so why not be a hero, and get yourself a beer, yo?

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