We're huge fans of The Eagles! To hear that one of their songs is being used without permission may not sound like a huge deal.. but when you hear what Frank Ocean has done.. It gets us fired up!

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The Eagles' Hotel California is one of the most popular songs of the 1970's. It's one of the most popular songs of the 1990's as well, as they released a live version of the song for their 'Hell Freezes Over' concert album. The song is heard on radios across the nation on daily basis- which kind of makes sense that it would want to be used by another artist- and kind of crazy-because it's not like some kind of 'deep cut' that nobody hears or would recognize.

Frank Ocean has put out a song- "American Wedding". That song, without question, uses the exact melody of "Hotel California".

Henley's comments from The Daily Telegraph:

"Mr Ocean doesn't seem to understand US copyright law. Anyone who knows anything should know you cannot take a master track of a recording and write another song over the top of it. You just can't do that. You can call it a tribute or whatever you want to call it, but it's against the law. That's a problem with some of the younger generation, they don't understand the concept of intellectual property and copyright."

Frank Ocean doesn't seem to care- From his Tumblr accout:

[Henley was] "apparently intimidated by my rendition of Hotel California" and "threatened to sue if I perform it again."

Listen for yourself:

We side with The Eagles on this one: Sampling a song is one thing- but this is completely different!