For a year and a half, I worked as a Ramp Agent for Southwest Airlines at Denver International Airport. I learned a lot about the airline industry and I learned a lot about you, the luggage loving customer. Bags can come in all sizes and weights. I didn't mind the size so much as the weight. I was always impressed with how much you can cram into a medium size bag. You brought everything!

I saw a variety of items as luggage: rakes and shovels with bag tags, a purse-just a regular purse, a mascot head (it was a bear), and some huge suitcases that were empty. I loved those!

According to Unilad, A man in Australia thought it would be fun to check a can of beer as luggage. Just one can complete with a bag tag. There was no argument or resistance from the airline, so he did it. While he was not certain the can would survive the journey, he was delighted to see it intact and with its precious contents inside of it as it stood there on the baggage carousel.

Did he pop the top when he retrieved it? No. He said he wanted to wait until he could chill it, then drink it with "his mates". That's a good man right there.

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