I get it. He's a love him or hate him type character. Which is to say your toddler probably loves him. You, as a parent, are probably not as much of a fan, most likely only because you're sick of him by now.

Blippi, played by Stevin John on YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Video is a child trapped in a grown man's body a lot of the time but, you know, in a good way. He has a childlike persona and is a lot of fun as he takes kids on his curious adventures with him. He bounces around the TV - or iPad more frequently, via YouTube - giggling like a child as a he plays at indoor play areas, at zoos, aquariums, museums and more. He's an educational children's entertainer who has become a multi-millionaire as a result of his very, very catchy and successful YouTube channel.

And guess what? Blippi is coming to Fort Collins.

Blippi The Musical is making a stop at the Lincoln Center on Tuesday, March 29th.

If you want your child to experience first hand what it might have been like for you to attend a Beatles concert back in the day, definitely take them to see this show. Personally, I've grown to respect Blippi a bit over the last couple years. The actor who portrays him, Stevin John, created the character for his nephew to have some wholesome, educational entertainment. One thing led to another, and now he's got one of the top YouTube channels out there, a full merchandise line and a live show on tour.

Be advised, for this show at the Lincoln Center, their website clearly states: "For Blippi The Musical, the character will be played by professional stage performers selected by Stevin John."

Which is to say... you know how on some videos your kids watch, you catch yourself going "wait a minute... THAT is not Blippi!" Well, there's a few Blippis these days, and the original played by Stevin John himself is not the one on tour. But let's be honest, your kids are not going to notice. Mine don't, and they're Blippi Super Fans. Trust me, I've even had to buy the Blippi Garbage Truck. I would know.

Oh also, by the way, congrats to Blippi, aka Stevin John, on the birth of his first actual child! He and fiancee Alyssa Ingham welcomed a son named Lochlan into the world, just last week.

You can get your tickets for Blippi The Musical on the Lincoln Center's website.

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