On east Eisenhower in Loveland, it would appear that someone or some THING is out to get a couple of business signs. What exactly happened is hard to say, but something DID.

I was driving through Loveland the other day and looked over to the north side of Eisenhower and thought, “What the heck happened to Loveland Ford’s sign?’ Then, just a little bit further down the road, ‘Whoah! What happened to Enterprise’s sign??’

It really looks like some big creature, like King Kong, reached down on the signs and twisted them all out of shape. We did have some strong winds at the end of the week of April 3, but this damage happened before that.

I did speak with the GM of Loveland Ford, and he said that they believe a large truck, like a semi, smashed into their sign, and then the wind made it worse. I wasn’t able to speak the Enterprise folks.

Take a look. What do you think happened?

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