During the busiest month of travel, Denver International Airport introduced a new security feature that will hopefully move people through the liner quicker than ever before. 

Travelers who frequently depart from DIA are used to stepping into a confined screening unit and raising their arms, in order to get through security. This will still be the case, for a while at least, except for one line on the north end, which will instead be using the newest version of Enhanced Advanced Imaging Technology (eAIT). Denver is the first and only airport in the nation to currently be testing this technology, which is said to not only be quicker for travelers, but more effective screening-wise too.

Some of the changes that people will notice with the new technology, are not having to walk into a confined space, as well as not having to put arms up. With TSA agents now having three screens instead of one, wait times will be decreased a few seconds for each passenger that goes through. After it's been tested for a while, this cutting-edge technology will be evaluated and if passenger feedback, along with speed and ease of use are all positive, DIA will look to replace current machines with eAIT systems at all of the screening lines by 2021.

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